Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it legal? How crowd sourcing pop culture clips is not a shady concept

Probably the most common feedback that I get when asking people what they think about my idea is: "Cool! But what about copyright?"

This has been my question for over 2 years now. What about copyright? Check out this video below, and maybe like me you will be a little surprised at what you learn. 

Under Fair Use, I believe The Relevant Classroom concept would work with the law just fine. If teachers and students are sharing and viewing clips with clear connections and context to what is being taught, then there really shouldn't be any problem with it. Looking at the idea from the filmmaker's position, would I really be that upset by millions of kids watching 1-3 minute clips of my movies? No! If anything, kids would be more likely to discover films they were unaware of, and may even spend money on the product down the line of time. But someone might ask, "Yes, but isn't there something wrong with a mass database of Hollywood clips that is open to the public?" I admit that initially I asked this question too. However, when you think about it - who is going to be searching this education site for mere entertainment? And if they are, won't they end up learning anyway? Thus the educational benefit will always outweigh the cost of the films themselves.

Movie clips, pop songs, comics, and trending culture in general is so rich for educational use. This database thing I have been pushing around as the potential to do so much good! It is free, it is legal, and it is relevant.


  1. I really like the idea. It would be a great educational resource.

  2. This is starting to be a concept alot of copyright holders are getting use to (atleast somewhat). Even disney tends to be a little more lack with it's lesser known creations in hopes that people posting their stuff on the web will actually get the word about it out faster. Of course, as soon as it catches on, that's a different story. I really like this idea, it's riddled with problems, but the core of it is good.

    1. Thanks Curtis - I would love to hear some more of your thoughts about problems you see. I know the idea is still quite rough, but I am not sure where the most need for attention is.