Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Iteration

I decided to dig in and revamp my database idea on The Relevant Classroom site, and now I feel that it is one significant step closer to being more accessible and ready for feedback and contribution. 

The challenges are still all over the place, including Google Sites being buggy (the joys of using free software!) and lacking in content. However, hopefully when you go to the site it is clearer as to what I am trying to do, and how anyone can participate. 

Probably the most often asked question I hear is something like: "So what is your end objective for this thing?" I don't know if I want to start a business (see the evil corporate looking picture on the left), or if I see this concept as being the foundations of a non-profit consulting group. Perhaps it could be an idea I formalize and then sell to TED Ed? They are doing something very similar, but without the emphasis on pop culture. 

Another option I have thought about, is developing this enough to where I could do some research studies by implementing the database in a classroom (or two) and then extracting some qualitative data about the student and teacher experience. This is a rich option because I could utilize expert critiques (from my professors) as well as see how the idea works in a real classroom

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  1. Seems like you're in a good place with these ideas right now-- lots of possibilities, improving the quality of what you've got, and not feeling a need to decide everything immediately.