This page is where I am keeping a running list of resources related to pop culture and instruction.


Critical Commons - wonderful collection of clips, talks, images, music, and media with some excellent commentary and nifty features

Teachwithmovies - a phenomenally thorough and helpful site for teachers, teachwithmovies offers supplemental lesson plans for full length movies, and clips alike - one of the largest (if not the largest) collection of legally licensed Hollywood movie clips on the web

Wingclips - next to this is probably the best database of pop culture clips - geared towards uplifting themes and discussion points too!

Teachingchannel - this site offers hundreds of helpful tips and video clips from top teachers in real classrooms around America

TEDed - a great place for teachers to "flip the classroom" and find wonderful clips to help illustrate ideas

YouTube Education - A really great way to filter lots of the garbage YouTube has to offer, by cutting out unrelated videos, organizing videos into categories, and offering some pretty great content.

University Webinars - has a good collection of speeches given in higher education environments

Explania - this is remarkable site filled with animated videos geared towards education and learning

SchoolTube - A really cool site for students and teachers to create, share, and view movies. There is a really good social aspect to this site that is lacking in others

Edcanvas - this resource adds a simple and social aspect to lesson planning that favors flipping the classroom and using media in constructive ways while teaching

Filmclub - is an "education charity helping transform children's lives through film"

MIT Video - a huge collection of instructional videos from MIT folk - wonderful collection of open education resources that are aligned with CC

Betterlesson - average site with lesson plans that are CC aligned

Greg's Popular Culture & Education Diigo Group - if you are on Diigo, join my group and access a plethora of materials about pop culture in education. I try and keep a good trail by tagging everything that looks interesting or useful related to pop culture and instruction


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