About this Blog

Said UCLA faculty member, Jeff Share, "Popular culture and mass media are part of the experiences that students bring with them to school and should be embraced and critiqued within the formal educational curricula." In conjunction with Mr. Share's insight, my blog is largely about media literacy, the possible role of pop culture in education, and many other somewhat vague or half-thought through concepts. The name of the blog -"The Relevant Classroom"- comes from a quote by Dan Pink from his book Drive about how relevance is perhaps one of the most important aspects missing from current education paradigms.
"In education systems tilted towards standardized tests, grades, and 'if-then' rewards, students often have no idea why they're doing what they're doing. Turn that around by helping them glimpse the big picture. Whatever they're studying, be sure they can answer these questions: Why am I learning this? How is it relevant to the world I live in now? Then get out of the classroom and apply what they're studying . . . Think of it as the fourth R: reading, writing, arithmetic and relevance" (179)
The Relevant Classroom consists of exploration of instructional design principles, and an occasional book or film review including connections to education.

Education is, and always has been, one of the most important functions of our society. In writing here I am seeking to engage further discussion concerning the role of new media and technology in the current conversation about education in America.