Friday, September 7, 2012

Teachers Crowdsourcing?

From what I have read, heard, and experienced, teaching students who are not paying attention or engaged in the material is extremely ineffective. I agree with writer MarkPhillips when he wrote: “Film can be used as a culminating experience to summarize a unit or lesson. It can be studied as an art form. Short films designed to teach a concept or skill, especially in a subject like physical education, can be very useful. Developing students' critical consciousness of visual media should be a major part of every school's curriculum and is important enough a subject to be the focus of a forthcoming column.” Many teachers have turned to movie clips to use as glimpses into a subject, discussion instigators, and as opportunities to teach.

So my question is why isn’t there a place for teachers to share ideas of movie or song clips from popular culture with one another? What if there were a site or curated area on the web where teachers could work together to build a crowd-sourced database of popular culture clips to be used in the classroom? It could be organized by subject, topic, and/or discipline, and then meta-tagged with specific lessons (like PEMDAS in math or the signing of the Declaration of Independence in history).  This could be an open source site, used specifically by teachers to increase student engagement and motivation.

What do you think? Would this be a better tool for flipped classrooms? Is there a big enough need and passion in the teacher community to make something like this happen?

Check out my "beta site" on the tab above - and let me know what you think. 

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  1. I do think this could be a great tool for flipped classrooms--especially because I don't think there is a solid online platform right now that caters to subjects like History and English. Kahn Academy is great for math, but not everything. And for teachers wanting to do the flipped classroom thing to have a space they could possibly design all their own that has their videos would be great.

    I think what a platform like this would have to offer that YouTube itself does not would be the potential for teachers to connect with each other and have a ready-made community where they can see how other teachers are using videos in the classroom. It would be great for ideas and connecting.