Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adding a bookmark feature to the movie clips?

Yesterday I was chatting with a close friend about the movie clip data base concept and he gave me some great advice and asked some important questions. From our conversation I feel a sense of importance in building this site/program in a manner that can involve teachers in as many ways as possible. Similar to this amazing site, my friend encouraged me to consider making it more social and interactive. Rather than just teachers sharing clips to the site and crowdsourcing the database - teachers can share ideas via a forum or comments section about how to use different clips and other ideas. Like YouTube or Vimeo it would be neat to create a kind of "view list" in which a teacher could drag clips into a backpack or folder for lessons they plan on doing in the future.

These ideas reminded me of social bookmarking and the power in sites like Diigo and Delicious. If teachers could bookmark movie clips within the site, they won't have to go and look for a particular clip when it comes time to prepare the lesson. Rather, teachers can build their "to-view" list as they run across clips that look like they may be helpful down the line.

I really like the idea of making things more interactive and social. Teachers ought to be able to not only share information and ask each other questions, but the site should also lend itself to quick and easy access - especially if we integrated a "student view" at some point for teachers who are flipping their classrooms.

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