Monday, August 19, 2013

How Will You Measure Your Life?

How Will You Measure Your Life?How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen
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I really enjoyed Christensen's personal and thought-provoking book. What I love most about it is that it addresses the things that matter most in life, that we often take for granted or don't give enough attention to. The book is broken up into three sections, picking and enjoying a career, maintaining strong relationships, and how to avoid losing your integrity. For each life principle he shares, he gives one or two business theory connections. At first this idea seemed strange and a little repulsive to me, I mean - my life is not a business! However, as I kept reading I realized that his connections and analogies made a lot of sense. I especially enjoyed his thoughts about relationships, and how we should take a step back and analyze where our time really is spent on a daily basis. The time doesn't lie, and regardless of what we say about our priorities, where we put our effort and resources most is what we actually consider the most important. "Where you treasure is, there will be your heart also." His chapter on integrity and choosing to do the right thing 100% of the time rather than anything less was also great. I think it is true that if you choose once to do something 100% of the time, it is easier than making an exception here or there, and you will always be safe.

I recommend this book regardless of your faith, job, or interests. It is pretty short - it only took me a couple of hours.

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