Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Comics and Learning

This year's theme/focus at Denver's Comic Con was all about using comics in the classroom. I had the fortune of attending one day of the Con and started to realize how much I have been missing! Peter's Blog has been my sole source of connecting comics and the classroom, but attending the Con helped me realize that I can and should do so much more.

Not only did I have lots of fun meeting and watching people who are obsessed with comics and the heroes thereof, but I attended a really neat panel about engaging Native American youth in education through comics. The author of the SuperIndian comics was there in addition to some other exciting folks. Here is some of the contact information where you can learn more about what they talked about and what they are doing:

on Twitter @sheyahshe @royboney @arigonstarr @leefrancisIV and @inccomics

It makes sense to me. Kids love comics. Comics are an important form of storytelling that often use words. Reading cool stories requires a certain level of literacy. So, if this chain of thought is accurate, shouldn't comics be wonderful and excellent resources for teaching specific literacy skills?  Also, might not comics be a powerful resource in helping students create and understand their own identity and culture?

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  1. When did you find out about this conference? You have been to such a wide variety of conferences this year, how would you evaluate them as you think about each one?